Commumity Development

To walk alone is great, but to walk along with everyone is bliss. Helping an individual is a step towards a community development. We aim to connect people on volunteer level and join hands in making a community prosper. Development through drives, training programs, educating about the vital issues like gender equality, digital literacy and many more is what we aim for.


Education is the way to move mountains, to build bridges, to change the world. NAVDISHA as the word portrays, is showing new way through education. Our aim is to reach maximum underprivileged and help them get educated. To help the kids of migrant community to get the basic education like routine manners and cleanliness and hygiene.

Education For All

Knowledge is power. Apart from migrant community, there is a huge number of kids dropping out of primary education. Our goal is to reach to the root of the cause on why these kids are dropping out, counselling them and getting them admitted in the education system again. Our focus is to target the maximum number of such kids and educate them.

Women Empowerment

Make a woman skilled and you will never sleep an empty stomach. Today women are as efficient as men in the aspect of work, but the opportunities to use those skills are far lesser than that for men. To create those opportunity for the women from underprivileged background and from backward rural areas where they are still just considered to work in the kitchen and are deprived of any kind of education, our goal is to train them develop their skills and to educate them in various courses, through which they can start an income of their own and be financially stable and independent.