About Navnirmiti Foundation

Navnirmiti Foundation work in the sector of human right, justice, pardhi vikas, women empowerment, child welfare and education, dalits, Adivasis, neglected communities, etc. Our work area is spread across Maharashtra. Navnirmiti Foundation is working with Pardhi community on the issues, generated from the conclusion derived from the survey, organization also works on issues like education, harassment, superstition, government schemes, caste panchayats, women harassment. Gramin Vikas Kendra actively participates in fights for rights of migrants, Dalits, Adivaasis, also actively participates in issuing of Ration card, voter card, Adhaar Card, Caste Certificate and to inform about government scheme and how to benefit from them.


Our Mission

  • To provide income generation sources by mean of various trainings
  • To provide better health services to poor peoples
  • To provide Employment opportunities to the unemployed youth & girls.
  • To provide awareness generation among masses

Our Vision

To provide progress opportunity to the grass root level downstream society.